2014. március 17., hétfő

I do Holacracy 8. - getting tactical

The tactical board is something I first saw in Vienna during a Holacracy teaser workshop. It contains three sections:
- Key accountabilities relevant for the circle
- Metrics that indicate the circles performance toward the mission
- Projects and next action.

So after defining all things there were to be defined in the circle, I ordered a bunch of corkboards, pins and post-its. Sometimes post-its need pins as well. It's hard to stick to the new way of things, isn't it.

Again it is important to note that according to the holacracy constitution the lead link supposed to create the metrics, KPIs, strategies for the circle. I decided to work it out through a workshop to maximize personal involvement.

I called for a workshop, where we brainstormed over accountabilities and metrics for the circle. I strongly advise you not to have more than 7 things listed. Please feel free to collect as many as you find, but later cut it down to maximum seven, possibly less.

Once you collected them, the best is to test them right away! Have we done "A", "B", or "C" accountability the past month? And the past 90 days? Does the question sound good? Is the answer relevant? Is it really indicating growth, or any move forward? If not, why is it misleading? Learn from testing, like IT developers do!

It encountered a situation where I had to define the main difference between metrics and accountabilities. It may sound dull once you learnt it, but the first time everything is new. So whenever you answer by stating it is done, or it is not done, than it is an accountability (or a project). When you write down numbers that indicate the performance of the past month, you have written metrics

After having all the accountabilities and metrics you should collect all the next actions and projects. This is a paralel work. Distribute post-its, pens, pins. On every post-it write the name of the project or next action, and also the role accountable for it.

How did you do it? Did you use boards or online tools?

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