2014. március 13., csütörtök

I do Holacracy 7. - facilitation tips

There are some key factors for effective meeting facilitation even when the holacracy constitution inclues the meeting steps. Even when people seem to be open and willing to participate.

Defining circles, roles and stategies may take longer, may need more questions and a longer response time. Integrating relevant responses may take time as well.

Procrastination is an evil thing. It can steal your time even when you have minutes or seconds. Therefore I focus on minimizing question and answer time. 

If you have a day to answer, you tend to use the whole day for thinking, if you have five hours, you tend to use all of it hours. But if you have only 60 seconds, surprisingly you are able to give almost the same quality answer or decision. The reason is that most of the time we already have our ready preferences, reasons and answers unconsciously.

To get fast access to these ready answers I usually give a 60 second timeframe when the answer is a list of words and a 120 minutes timeframe when I ask for a sentence.

About collaboration tools: I love to use a whiteboard when listing values, ideas. To prioritize I ask the circle members to stand up, grab a marker and mark the preferred words on the board. Post its are great as well. A snapshot of the whiteboard posted to a g+ community supports the participation of group members who join via hangouts or skype.

About understanding each other: In my experience the first thing to take into consideration, that some people focus on solving problems and some focus on setting goal. According to Bobb Biehl's work goal setters prefer to add new elements to the current system, while problem solvers prefer to fix already existing element the same time. Therefore their tensions are not understood easily by the other. While supporting the integrated decision making process you need to help the folks with different paradigms to respect and to understand each others tensions.

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