2014. március 2., vasárnap

I do Holacracy 2.

Before starting the deployment of holacracy we made our research. One of this was going to a Holocracy teaser workshop. We came back with good experiences and a bit of a confusement.

The teaser workshop was mainly a little bit of sales and background info for the whole system with a valuable extra. And this was the role playing game of a tactical and a governance meeting. The first was working in the organisation (by crating and finishing next action and projects) the second was working on the organisation (by creating roles, accountabilities, policies). Both gave valuable insights.

The beautiful part was when people with manipulative and defensice communication patterns couldn’t process their issues, tensions just after the hard work of transforming it to straight proactive suggestions. This needs personal work and a straight look in the mirror.

What left me confused is the fact that I saw Holacracy One an an entity focusing on the method of holacracy as a more important thing than the people who are the would-be applyers. Their mission is “exquisite organisation” wich does not contain any verb, any direction out from the method. For me mission is always something about contribution not just the description of the the core of existence. This was a kind of barrier between me and Holacracy One that afternoon.

Anyway, its promising, so we need to make a proof of concept.