2014. március 2., vasárnap

I do Holacracy 1.

Story of an experiment that turns out to be something good.

Hi, My name is Greg. I met my collagues in 2013 late spring. I joined their company as a project manager and an organisation developer. They were less than 30 but rapidly growing. I wanted to reduce risk by applying some org dev methodologies. They already found holacracy then, so we made a decision to go that way.

I am comited to work on the field that I call cooperation development. For me holacracy partly covers that field. It has extremely good practices, by excluding negative thought and communication patterns. For me this experiment is more than just a validation of holacracy or the orgdev job. It is a process to develop cooperation models, where I do not see models yet. BUT implementing holacracy is an exciting issue to blog about.

Some info and parameters:
- this is holacracy, I will not explain it here. Let it talk for itself.
- we are a software developer company
- staff was 25 in 2013 spring. Staff is aroung 35 in winter and we are growing
- HQ is in lovely Budapest

part 2. - before the first step
part 3. - the first meeting
part 4. - defining the mission
part 5. - defining the strategy
part 6. - defining circles, roles
part 7. - facilitation tips
part 8. - getting tactical
part 9. - learnings of the first months
part 10. - the function of meetings
part 11. - how we changed
part 12. - when hierarchy works

What is your Holacracy story?

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