2015. augusztus 25., kedd

I do holacracy - Reloaded

At Doctusoft we conducted the experiment of deploying holacracy in a Do It Yourself way for 1.5 yrs. The experiment was fruitful, although no one was content with the outcome. I would be easy to say, that we committed mistakes, but we did not. We have learnt about ourselves and each other. Holacracy was a means for that. 

To describe properly the outcome of this learning journey would need a third person point of view that sadly I do not have. But my closest guess is that we are in a seemingly slow, but in reality a normally paced adaptation to a newer paradigm where less of our ego is involved.

Our current stage of cooperative intelligence, our surrounding culture, our concepts about trust, change, risk, security have all limited us to dive fully into the experiment. And this is not bad. This is information to process. I intend to go deeper into that episode if there is a need to tell that story, but right now, what I want to share is our decision to go on.

Doctusoft decided to retry the experiment of running one single circle completely alligned to the rules of the constitution (4.1). In this project I lead an internal communication training focusing on assertivity, non-viloent communication, and something I call role-based communication. This aims to raise consciousness about our cooperative situations.

Further on I do 1on1 mentoring for the circle members on the basic concepts of holacracy and lead discussions on what have we done differently. After this assessment we sign the Holcaracy Constitution and just do it. Luckily we have all records in sheets for that circle and I can simply put that in Glassfrog and Asana.

Now with the experience of the past two years and seeing how others do efforts, seeing clearly own motives I am very calm and confident that we will learn and grow again.