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Co-creation of Organizational concepts

I invite you to join this open discussion!

Project name: Co-creation of Organizational concepts in multiple contexts

Purpose: Clarity in the intersubjective aspects of organizational evolution and holacracy

Scope: Co-creation of key concepts in organizational operations with significantly different mindsets/worldviews. The examination of how these mindsets cope with the basic value set of Holacracy

The mindsets/worldviews are taken from Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations and described as follows.
  • Achievement Orange - Corporations viewing orgs as machines. Their competitive advantages compared to former cooperational forms are: Innovation, accountability, and meritocracy
  • Pluralist Green - Corporations viewing orgs rather as families. Their competitive advantages compared to former cooperational forms are: Empowerment, value driven culture, and a stakeholder model
  • Evolutionary teal - Corporations viewing orgs rather as living things. Their competitive advantages compared to former cooperational forms are: Personal wholeness, evolutionary purpose and self-management
Frederic Laloux’s work strongly builds on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory.

Work style: Open collaborative. Anyone can join. Sent your mail to gergely.orban@doctusoft.com

Project structure: No such thing, but I will hold the role that synthesizes comments.

Deadline: Does evolution has such thing? :)

Work method: Work is done through a shared Google sheet. The sheet is open for you  in a ‘can comment’ mode after contacting me. Whenever a concept is debated we use the comment feature.

Output: The major output is our shared understanding, and certainly its written  will post and share, rewrite and refresh anything that seems to be tangible enough to be considered a milestone. Hope you will as well.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested either in the contribution of the outputs. Please feel free to suggest improvement in the cooperation.

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